• Hamline University:  Psychology B.A./Communications, Theatre Arts
  • Hamline University:  Master's (MALS) program (writing)
  • University of St. Thomas:  Communications and Journalism
  • 30+ years of performance and writing experience
  • 12 years of media production
  • 6 years of performance coaching and directing
  • 3 original and award-winning theatrical productions

Experience and education:

What you need:


Production and Performance

What I do:

Foxhill Studios


Email project inquiries to: jcharrier21@gmail.com

​Rate:  $30/hour

In this fast-paced digital age, proficient communication is more critical than ever.  To maintain the edge in a competitive market, excellence in both written and oral presentation is both desired and required.​​

  • Exceptional written communications
  • Advanced ​public speaking and presentation
  • Customized creative media production

"Jenni is a seasoned professional, mentor, and advisor who provides great thinking and advice."

Professor Bruce Moorhouse,

University of St Thomas, 3M 30-yr executive

"Jenni has created outstanding media for my organzation since 2011.  She can write anything from creative copy to a news release while also single-handedly designing and producing both print and film media."

Artist Susan Foss,

Minnesota Goose Garden, 501(c)3



"Jenni has provided vision and voice to countless marketing campaigns for our brand. She’s a master of both the written and spoken word. Her dynamic presence fills a room - whether it’s a high-level professional business gathering, or on stage in front of a large audience.”

Jeremy Stonier

President, Rollerblade, Inc.

​“Passion, intellect and excellence are Jenni’s gift of communication and creative solutions.  Whether on stage in the theatre, speaking to a group or coaching, Jenni would improve any organization." 

Tom Wesely, Principal

IntelliChoice Executive Search, LLC​​

  • Creative writing (playwriting, scripting, narrative, dialogue)
  • Media production (videography, photography, editing, voice-over)​​​
  • ​Speech writing and public presentation
  • Performance:  acting and vocals
  • Performance coaching:  public speaking, acting, vocals and presence