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In this fast-paced digital age, advanced communication skills are more critical than ever.  To maintain your edge in a competitive market, proficiency in public speaking, writing and presentation are necessary tools of every trade.​​

  • Personal coaching at your office or private setting, for your comfort level
  • ​No-pressure, low-key and well-organized approach at your chosen pace 
  • Flexible scheduling with prompt response
  • Free initial consultation to learn what you need and how I can help
  • Detailed assessment of your communication needs and guaranteed results plan

What you can achieve:

"Jenni is a seasoned professional, mentor, and advisor who provides great thinking and advice to up and coming talent."

Professor Bruce Moorhouse,

University of St Thomas

After working in theatre and writing creatively for over 30 years, I have a highly developed sense of effective presentation.  Paired with a Psychology degree and a Communications/Theatre Arts minor from Hamline University, along with advanced Communications classes at the University of St Thomas, a perfect storm of skillsets has been developed.  In addition, I have a broad range of abilities ranging from trained vocal/singing skills and costuming to independent media production.  I can help you talk better, walk better, write better, and even dress better and be more organized as you present yourself at work and to the world.

How I know how to help you:

Foxhill Studios

"Jenni has provided vision and voice to countless marketing campaigns for our brand. She’s a master of both the written and spoken word. Her dynamic presence fills a room - whether it’s a high-level professional business gathering, or on stage in front of a large audience.”

Jeremy Stonier

co-President of Rollerblade, Inc.: 

How I do this with you:

What you need:

Production and Performance

​“Passion, intellect and excellence are Jenni’s gift of communication and creative solutions, whether on stage in the theatre, speaking to a group or mentoring high school and college students. Jenni would help any student get that first audition, their college of choice or that first all-important job or career." 

Tom Wesely


IntelliChoice Executive Search, LLC

  • ​Improve your public speaking skills, for both internal and external communications, in a variety of settings
  • ​Learn how to write more effectively and efficiently
  • Know what your body language, vocal tones and timing are telling others
  • Understand presentation blunders and how to avoid them
  • Perform at a higher level and gain more confidence for any setting:  board room, court room, auditorium, meeting or social event